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Always On the Road

My current job brings me to far flung areas of my state trying to review restaurants of different sorts and kinds. It is a must that I do so as you can’t really do a review if you can’t witness a restaurant first hand. You got to feel how it is to be in it and taste the food being offered there, you get to experience their service, and you get to find out about the little things the restaurant has. You have got to experience the whole shebang in order to make a good review.

It is a somewhat very hard job traveling to many places but it does have its good sides too. For one, I have total freedom to go to whatever place I like and enjoy good food while I am at it, and did I say that it is all paid for and I don’t get to spend a dime of my money.

Another good thing that my job has afforded me is that I get to visit many of my friends and relatives around the state. I get to spend time with old friends that I have not seen in a while and I also get to bond with family that has moved far from us, either because of their jobs or for some other reasons.

Just last week I visited my sister who had just given birth to their second child in as many years. I have been meaning to visit for a long time and I was glad that I did, as I haven’t seen my new nephew and I was very excited about it. They moved up father upstate because her husband had just been promoted to a managerial job in their company’s new office.

They were surprised to see me visiting and they were very happy about it. I saw the newest member of our family and he was cute as can be. He had our family’s nose and eyes and he got his father’s forehead, a perfect match if I may say so, as he looked very angelic with those features.

Sadly he was experiencing constipation in newborns because of the new milk he had been drinking. My sister can’t really breastfed him yet because of an underlying condition that she had which was not resolved yet, so they just resorted to infant formula for the time being.

We talked about things while I was there, mostly about them adjusting to their new home and such. We also talked about their two babies and the effort that they put into it, which was very great, that they had to hire a permanent nanny to help them with the chores around the house.

My sister was beaming about how the two babies seemed to race each other growing up with their newborn growth spurts and how ravenous they were in feeding and such. We talked all afternoon and I even spent the night with them. I just made them a promise to be back again and this time with my wife and own children in tow. Such are the perks of my job and I am very happy about all of it.