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Keeps Pulling Me Back

I know I should not have sold my restaurant and instead keep it in the family, probably have my brother run it or something. But all things considered, I think I have made a fine decision of it. Lots of restaurants are putting up business around us and with the limited clientele in our town, I think all of us would go out of business sooner rather than later.

Yes it has been profitable during its run of many years, but lately we have been noticing a trend of poor sales brought about by too much competition around us, not to mention the seasonality of our business, as people do not want to go out in bad weather, specifically in winter.

Yes we could have renovated our restaurant and make it compete with the brand new ones here in our area, probably install a delivery system so people could order whilst in their homes. But thinking about the cost of making it in line with the times makes me cringe a little. It would be a real risky investment to do it, with not a sure chance of us getting back our money, if at all be profitable after it.

To tell you the truth I have somewhat lost interest in running a restaurant and that is the biggest item that made me sell my restaurant. I have been at it for so long now and I thought it would be good if I take on another thing entirely. I am at a sort of crossroad in my life and it got me to thinking about things. Things I have never tried and things I would have wanted in my life, and I’ve decided to give it a chance.

Anyways, if things do not go as planned or if I miss my business, I could still put up a restaurant if I wanted to, as I still know very much how to make one run. I have developed arthritis in fingers on all my years cutting and chopping, so maybe that makes me an expert in the field, sort of.

The last straw that made me push on with my decision to sell my restaurant was when I had a sprained finger. I know it is a fluke to suffer such an injury while cooking but I took it as a sign that I should stop doing this. I can’t cook anyway with my injured hand so that was that. The restaurant was put on sale and was bought in no time.

Here I am today, writing about restaurants and the food they make. It is kind of funny how I can’t still distance myself from restaurants and its ilk. It may be my destiny to be in this industry as things seem to have a knack to always put me in its direction.

I’ll just enjoy my vacation away from it in the meantime and try to tackle on the ideas that made me left in the first place. I don’t know if it will be good for me or if I will like it, but I know that if all else fails, I will still have my backup plan in place. That is, to put up another restaurant of my own, again.