5 Factors that Cause Troubles in a Relationship

Many of us are looking for that one perfect relationship. This is perhaps one reason why some people rely on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in looking for a compatible partner. As I understand it, the MBTI concept on relationship compatibility depends on the personality type of the persons involved. When saying this, people who have generally good personality traits can be compatible to most personality types such that INFJ relationships and INFP relationships are expected to produce some of the warmest and successful relationships.

However, regardless of the compatibility of the persons’ involved, problems may arise which may lead to a troubled relationship and ultimately, a breakup if not properly addressed.

  1. Neglect

Friendship is said to be one of the foundations of a successful relationship. It allows partners to enjoy each other’s company regardless of their differences in many things. But friendship does not just grow on its own without being nurtured. Partners need to spend quality time with each other and communicate as much as possible. If couples start to neglect each other, that is when the friendship starts to deteriorate which could eventually lead to irreparable damage in the relationship.

  1. Conflicts left unsettled

Arguments and conflicts are just normal in any relationship. When couples learn to overcome them, they can make a relationship even stronger. However, if left unsettled, they can build up resentment against each other such that even smaller arguments can be hard to fix in the future. Then the blame game usually begins. In some cases, couples will start to hurt each other physically or emotionally until the feeling of love will be changed to hatred.

While most relationship conflicts are normally settled between couples, some need mediation by a third party such as friends, family or a professional.

  1. Lack of care

In a relationship, we sometimes like to have our own way no matter what it takes, and we begin to be too stubborn to listen to what our partner has to say. To make this happen, we oftentimes tell our partner how they cannot be right. Some people even go to the extent of punishing their partner for having a different opinion by showing their lack of care and intentionally doing what they think can hurt the other person. When couples no longer care for each other, it can lead to both people feeling lonely, which in turn causes them to lose interest in the relationship they have.

  1. Lack of understanding

All of us like to be understood by other people. Understanding does not necessarily mean that they are in agreement with us. It simply means that they know why we do what we do. Understanding the other person helps develop compassion, empathy, care and love, which are all vital in a relationship. If there is a lack of understanding in the relationship, there is a tendency that a partner may look for it from somewhere or someone else. This in turn can lead to jealousy and separation.

  1. Lack of support

When life gets tough, it is just normal for us to seek for support especially from our partner. If the support is not there, it can lead to the feeling of self-pity and neglect, which are both not healthy in any relationship.

Knowing these different areas where a relationship may suffer or fail can help each person especially those who are already into a relationship give special attention to avoid a troublesome relationship.