5 Types of Catfish That Can Make a Great Addition to Your Aquarium

People have different interests when it comes to pets. Aside from cats and dogs, rabbits and exotic animals are also gaining in popularity as pets. Aside from land animals, fishes are also popular as pets. I have visited several houses as well as restaurants with indoor or outdoor aquariums. And I must admit that they can add aesthetic value to the place. They also help entertain visitors, especially children.

While there are many species of fish that are suitable for aquariums, catfishes are perhaps one of the most versatile species that can make a delightful addition to your tank. With numerous types available in varying appearance, personality and purpose, you can easily find a catfish that will meet your preferences:

  1. Cory Catfish – Because of their peaceful nature, Cory catfish make a good addition to a community tank. They are bottom dwellers that feed on bottom scraps. However, they also enjoy eating fish foods as well as shrimp pellets and algae wafers.
  2. Pictus Catfish – This type of catfish can also live peacefully with any soft water aquarium mate, as long as it is not small enough to fit into the catfish’s mouth. Pictus cats are known for their pectoral fin, so extra care must be taken when catching them. Aside from leftover fish foods, they must also be fed with catfish pellets for complete nutrition. An occasional treat of small live food is also okay.
  3. Britle-Nosed Catfish – The Brittle-nosed cats are among the most sought-after aquarium catfishes because of their hardiness and ease of care. They are also peaceful and shy bottom-dwelling fishes that love to feed on tank algae and even dead fishes. They normally just come out during feeding time and in the evening.
  4. Clown Catfish – Unlike most aquarium catfishes, clown catfish prefer flowing or well-oxygenated water. They can peacefully cohabit with small groups of fish of at least four and generally stay at the bottom of the tank. They are not very difficult to feed as they will feed on almost any leftovers that settle at the bottom of the tank. They can also be fed with pellets and flakes as well as live or frozen foods.
  5. Otocinlus Catfish – Considered to be one of the smallest catfishes, otocinlus cats are another functional and attractive addition for your aquarium. They are very social and prefer to be kept with other fishes in small schools. They feed on algae as well as wafer food and vegetable-based flakes.

Most aquarium catfishes are difficult to breed in an aquarium setting. So if you want them, find a reliable breeder or a pet store that sells them.

One advantage of adding catfishes to your aquarium is that they are good tank cleaners. However, you must not completely rely on them to clean your tank. Regular cleaning is still required to make your tank a suitable living environment for your fishes.